Neil & Norma Hill Foundation

The Neil and Norma Hill Foundation have just donated $125,000 to Dr Gold’s research at the University of Sydney and will be looking to support her research in the coming years. We are delighted to have amazing support from such a distinguished organisation.

One of Dr Gold’s very talented students Bronte Coorey completed her honours year in the Molecular Neurobiology Research lab at the Children’s Hospital Westmead this year and was awarded the Neil and Norma Hill Foundation award for the best translational research project. Below is a photo of Bronte receiving the prize from John Sheather, the foundation’s trustee. Bronte’s work has accelerated this gene therapy for Rett Syndrome and she will continue her work as a PhD student in 2020.


Bronte receiving her award from John Sheather

Florencia Haase completed her first year of PhD in the Molecular Neurobiology Research lab and in this time, she has developed and grown brain organoids (known as brains in a dish) which are derived from skin biopsies from Rett syndrome patients and will be used to test the team’s gene therapies. She was also awarded the Kids Neuroscience centre Most Outstanding PhD student for 2019.

Both Bronte and Florencia are also co-authors of a recent review on Rett syndrome submitted this year. Florencia designed an image to portray their findings which was chosen for the front cover of the journal, Human Mutation.